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Battleborn Creamery

First Scoop Free

First Scoop Free

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We're the Vegas Born ice cream company that the 702 has been waiting for. Using locally sourced products, including our milk, baked inclusions, and printing, we're Vegas ice cream through and through. 

The entire team at Secret Creamery is so confident that we're going to be your new favorite ice cream company, and we're the best ice cream in Vegas, that we're giving you your first scoop free.

All you need to do is like @secretcreamery on Instagram, and show this registration, and the follow, and we will get you an incredible scoop of ice cream ON US! 

Find us at 3449 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Learn a little about Secret Creamery

We are Vegas Ice Cream

Vegas is home to so many. Each of us has a story, and our story is told through ice cream. From the locally sourced Nevada milk, to supporting local bakeries, printing companies, and more, Secret Creamery embodies what it means to be Vegas Born.

We bring that all to life with unique flavors, small-batch artisan quality, and a dedication to making the best ice cream we can.

High Quality Ingredients

Our committment to quality runs deep and is part of what we founded the company on.

We use only the highest quality ingredients, including our fruit flavors. We use a pasteurized fruit puree, not just a "flavoring." Our cheese flavors use imported cheeses, like our soft goat chevre for our Blueberry Goat Cheese flavor.

Taking Ice Cream Home

One of the hallmarks of our ice cream is not adding in additional stablizers, but that does pose a SLIGHT problem. Our ice cream tends to melt quickly.

We do ask if you want to enjoy our ice cream in the comfort of your own home, please bring insulated containers with ice bricks. We do some times have ice bricks we provide at no charge, but those are on a limited basis.

Small batches, everytime

Theres two main ways to make ice cream, either in a batch freezer, or a continuious line freezer.

While we love to nerd out about ice cream science, we use the batch freezing method. It allows us to have much better granular control over the content of the ice cream, and is generally regarded as the gold standard in ice cream manufacturing.