• Free Lactaid

    Free Lactaid
    Yes, it's true, we offer free Lactaid. Because if you want to enjoy small batch, artisan ice cream in Vegas, we want to make sure you can REALLY enjoy it.
  • Finally Open

    Finally Open
    It was a LONG road to get this container open. We're the first (and only) free standing shipping container allowed for food and beverage operations in Southern Nevada!  We worked with the Southern Nevada Health District, and came up with a plan to open this safely, and become the most unique dessert concept in Vegas.  A special thank you to the amazing staff at...
  • Moved in place

    Moved in place
    We needed to move Optimus Prime (we're all a bunch of nerds here, so we nicknamed our ice cream containers after Transformers), and our amazing friends at Walker Crane were able to help move us!    They used a 35 ton crane and picked up the container and moved it into it's final place. We're so excited to get this open and serving amazing...
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